Friday, November 25, 2011

3rd Annual Build A Bear and Show You Care campaign

The 3rd Annual  Build A Bear and Show You Care campaign is one of the favorite projects this year for SLCC DECA. We have been collecting funds in order to make Build A Bears to take to Shriners Childrens Hospital for patients that will be there over the holidays.

Please take the time to donate for patients at Shriners Childrens Hospital. 

Every year Santa Bear writes two lists
One for all the naughty little kids and one for the nice
Those who fail to be good will pay the price

Santa bear loves to look over his nice list
And see all the names of happy people that exist
Emily who shines a light when things look bleak
Rebecca who helps little old ladies cross the street
Nicolle who helped people learn to dance
Angie Who helps marketers understand finance
Al who you can always count on
and great jokes always come from landon

Santa bear loves looking over the nice
Sometimes he just has to look twice
But his naughty list was soooo long
He just couldn’t understand what went wrong
While Looking over his long naughty list
Santa Bear can only Wonder what these people missed
Chris was way too mean, Scott was really obscene
Curtis was far too loud,  Mike was way too proud
Miss cherie was devious, and Karen too tedious
How did they get led so astray?
Can they be helped before the big day?

We found a way to help them not be so selfish
Help give kids smiles, dreams, and their holiday wish
Take them away if only for a moment
Give them some time very well spent
Let them fly through air like they had wings
Or take them to beach where the sun sings
For just a second we can take them anywhere
It really doesn’t take that much to show you care

To take a little girl and give her cheer
Give a little boy his catch of the year
These childrens dreams are unstoppable
And these smiles are all adoptable

sometimes bad things happen to kids
But they never give up, never quit
Sometimes its incredibly hard to smile
Which is why we have to help every once in a while
This how you make the list of nice
and not have to roll the dice

just Build a Bear to show you care
For this little gift just put a little heart
This is the greatest place to start

Make every boy feel like a shining prince
Every girl a gorgeous princess
Make every child smile because its christmas

I think your decision is pretty easy, really plain to see,
that making the nice list is the way to be

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Strengths Found at 2011 Utah Collegiate DECA FLC!!

The 2011 fall leadership conference has been a phenomenal  event for all who attended. The main part of FLC was the StrengthsQuest program which helped students identify what their strengths were and how to be the most effective leaders we can be with that information(For more information check the Utah Collegiate DECA Facebook page) Other highlights included presentations from the Utah DECA Ledership, Jeff Collins, and Emily (Em) Dziatlik for the COLA portion. The case studies for this conference were given by actual companies seeking help with issues they have. The first was Cellercise, a company that makes the "Cellerciser" a small trampoline type exercise tool. The second company was the Utah Jazz. With the case studies all of the attendees were put into groups to help solve the problems in the cases.

The second day introduced attendees to their mentors, who helped them hone their presentations and ideas for the case study presentations. All of the teams worked incredibly hard and would eventually deliver top notch presentations to actual business professionals who would grade the presentations. Following the case study presentations attendees were treated to presentations from companies about possible internship and job opportunities they could apply for including; Wal Mart, Marriott, Buckle, and Disney. During the closing ceremony  there would be awards given for each teams VIP, and the winners of each case study group. SLCC students were featured in almost every winning group; Tony Archuleta, Nicolle Wiardeny, Diana Ballesteros, Henry Dankwa, Michael Pham, Claudio Henrique Jr. and Krystle Moss. We had three members named as their group VIP; Rebecca Larsen, Diana Ballesteros, and Seth Wright.

Friday, October 28, 2011

2011 FLC Update- The presidents list

The 2011 Utah Collegiate DECA Fall Leadership Conference has been a phenomenal experience thus far. The COLA Training in the morning has enlightened our officers to a lot of great ideas and given them a great many tools to help the membership. We had Jeff Collins come speak to us about how to be the most effective charter that we can be and had a great time meeting the other DECA leaders from around the state. One of my favorite parts was a breakout where all the respective officers met their counterparts from the other schools, at the presidents table we as a state team decided to show unity and to help grow together in our state in order to show our skills when we host the ICDC this spring.
The strengths quest program helped all attendees learn about themselves and how to play to their strengths. This aspect of the conference alone all but makes the price worth it. This was an invaluable workshop and helped us all see how we interact with people, ourselves, and situations. I know that this will help develop the skills of all who attended.
The case studies given to our teams today were from the Utah Jazz and Cellercize. Two companies with unique goals for us to accomplish.
My personal team is made up of all the charter presidents, we look to make a good showing of our skills as leaders in this organization and this in turn has also helped us develop a way to learn about each other and work together as a team so we can further our level of efficiency as the leaders of Team Utah.
We have one more day here in beautiful park city and I hope to be informing you of great success from our charter tomorrow
-Michael Pham

Sunday, September 11, 2011

For these five years we...

           For the past 5 years for the first and last week of each semester the cabinets in the main hallway of the student center have housed the faces and voices of two of SLCC Collegiate DECA's most dedicated members, Cherie and Connie Beam. Throughout the years many things have changed, including the addition of our online source, but they have remained diligent, and faithful to helping SLCC DECA in our most profitable fundraiser.

            Every year they take time out of their schedules to deliver books, and help customers find what they need. I would like to take the time to personally honor the hard work, commitment, and tenacity of our book sales managers, without them this operation would not work the way it does and we would not have the same funding that we do to take people to conferences, pay for our Monday meeting snacks, or buy any of the supplies we need.

            We owe these people so much for everything they've done. So from all of us at SLCC Collegiate DECA THANK YOU! If you see one of our book sales managers please tell them "thank you" for everything that they have done for our organization.

Friday, June 17, 2011

New State VP of Technology

Congratulations to Karen Jorgensen our new State VP of Technology. Karen has participated in many aspects of SLCC Collegiate DECA including the Fall Leadership Conference, State Career Development Conference, and International Career Development Conference. She also filled the position of SLCC Chapter Rebranding Manager for 2010/2011; a position that was created in 2010 to accommodate the change from DEX to Collegiate DECA. Karen is very talented and we know she will do a phenomenal job as State VP of Technology.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Congratulations Graduates!!!

We had several Collegiate DECA members graduate spring of 2011 including Adrien Covington, Dina Miranda, Ginnie (Griffith) Baldwin, Hai Ho, Karen Jorgensen, Kate Conrow, and Mario Varela. Two of these students had extra honors to boast during their graduation year. Karen Jorgensen was recognized at a Dean's luncheon as the Outstanding Marketing Student of the Year and Kate Conrow was chosen as the School of Business Graduate of Excellence.  Future plans include:

Adrien Covington - Weber State University
Dina Miranda - University of Utah
Ginnie (Griffith) Baldwin - University of Utah
Hai Ho - University of Utah
Karen Jorgensen - Salt Lake Community College
Kate Conrow - Westminster College
Mario Varela - University of Utah

We're so proud of these students! And we wish them the best as they move on to their next stage in life.

Dina Miranda and Family

Kate Conrow and Hai Ho

Dina and Mario Varela

 Kate Conrow stands with nine other "Graduates of Excellence" that displayed their school's flag during commencement exercises and were profiled in a graduation video. 

If you graduated Spring 2011 and we somehow missed mentioning your name or you have graduation pictures to post please send information and/or pictures to Thanks!

Monday, April 25, 2011

This is Not Goodbye

Dear SLCC Collegiate DECA,

Today I was honored to run my last meeting for you. I couldn't wait to show you this blog and how it details everything you have achieved in the last year. As I said in my side note, I hope you will use it to tell the world about all of your accomplishments. You all work so hard and have achieved so much. I am proud to have known every one of you! Being a part of DEX/Collegiate DECA has made such a difference in my life. I know that my involvement has sharpened my skills and strengthened my confidence, but more than anything this group that I am privileged to call my Collegiate DECA family has played an important role in making me a better person. I hope that I can make you proud as I move on to Westminster and show them why SLCC has given them some big shoes to fill. I know we can make Collegiate DECA happen there too. So.... this is not goodbye. I'll see you all at FLC, CLA, SCDC, and ICDC.

Kate's last meeting
 Unveiling the Blog
This Outstanding President award was possible because of all of you!
Thank you Cherie for doing such a great job as VP of Finance!
Dina really developed the chapter!
Mike could communicate with the best of them!
Scott was a PR wiz!
I'll miss you guys!
The official transfer of President from Kate to Mike
Yay Cherie, the new State VP!
From Mike to Nicole, the Communications Gurus!
No passing of the torch here. Dana is the very first SLCC VP of Technology. Yay Dana!
Give it up for your new Advisor Chris Black!!!
Thank you Seth for taking the time to join us and share your vision for Collegiate DECA as a state